No matter the occasion, Clove & Twine will help you to build thoughtful corporate gift boxes that will delight and excite any recipient.

High-quality Kits

From new employee welcome packages to thank you or holiday gifts, from maternity congratulations to unique gifts for corporate events, we are masters at creating kits that will be cherished. These gift boxes can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, but we can guarantee: they will be remarkable.

Our gift boxes and kits are available to be filled with the most high-quality goods in the industry.

Remarkable Kits

You can choose from carefully curated kits pre-built by our team, or you can follow this simple process:

  • Determine your budget and number of recipients
  • Select the desired products (depending on occasion, etc.)
  • Choose a container (from basic to fully customized boxes )

  • Select packing materials (for use inside the box)
  • Confirm your choices
  • High-five your employees for a job well done!

Examples of Previously Made Kits

Westech Kit

1: Cardboard Box with Crinkle Paper

Westech Kit

2: Printed Box with Crinkle Paper

PlaceIQ Kit

3: Pine Slide Box with Crinkle Paper

Caltius Kit

4: Custom Designed Printed Box with Crinkle Paper

Brightly Colored Kit

5: Pine Slide Box with Crinkle Paper

Haddock Kit

6: Pine Slide Box with Natural Excelsior

6 Seasons Kit

7: Printed Box with Crinkle Paper

Whiskey Kit

8: Carved Wooden Box with Natural Excelsior

Rustic Adventure Kit

9: Pine Slide Box with Crinkle Paper

Frequent Flyer Kit

10: Pine Slide Box with Crinkle Paper

Audiophile Kit

11: Printed Box with Crinkle Paper

Welcome Kit

12: Pine slide Box with Crinkle Paper

Our custom corporate gift boxes are unique.

Craft your very own bespoke kit

Kits usually contain between 2-5 items and can range in price anywhere between $50-$250 depending on your budget. We assemble and fulfill all kit orders, then package and ship them either together in master shipping cases (for delivery to one or more of your corporate locations, whether nationally or internationally), or drop ship them to individual recipients. And when we say we fulfill orders, we mean it - including all packaging, shipping, returns, and customer service.

These exact kits are available if desired however, remember there aren’t any rules per se - you can flex your imagination (and budget) to include a fully custom kit that’s uniquely built for any special recipient.

Packaging container


Our hand-picked packaging can be classic and simple or as extraordinary as the gift itself. From elegant craft cardboard boxes to laser engraved wooden slide boxes with leather attachments, all can be decorated with your company logo and color scheme. Ask us about printing on the inside of the box. You won’t regret it.

Container options
Tissue paper

Packaging Materials

The container and contents shouldn’t have all the fun! Choose from these packing materials to make kit items a little more special (and safe).

Interior materials for packaging
Personalized card

Note Cards

A gift without a card is like a cake without frosting. Choose between a custom branded card, handwritten note, or even a multilingual option for international recipients. We can include cards that you provide to us.

Custom notecards

There are plenty of occasions that deserve a thoughtful gift!



Click on the custom quote link below to begin creating your custom gift box kits! Consider these kit ideas for making employees, clients, or partners feel truly special:

  • Employee Welcome Kits
  • Client Gift Boxes
  • Thank You Gift Box
  • Holiday Gift Box
  • New Hire Welcome Kits
  • Maternity Kits
  • Executive Gift Boxes
  • Recruiting Kits

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