Your business needs an online company store.
Your time is valuable, and we have a way to get more of it back.

Why choose Clove & Twine?

The Clove & Twine Company Store is your one-stop solution for providing a remarkable shopping experience. We provide everything you need to fulfill orders of branded company goods with one easy-to-use platform. Clove & Twine stands apart from others that offer branded merchandise, as we supply you with the highest-quality products and a full service for your online gifting program.

Simply put: we offer you the products, the technology, and the fulfillment for your company store from start to finish.

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Our state-of-the-art hub fulfills all of your company store needs.

Company store integration

Certified and Secure eCommerce Solutions

Our solutions allow you a single sign-on page to access an easy to manage system to fit your exact requirements. The Clove & Twine Online Company Store management dashboard gives you a real-time and high-level view of sales and product inventory, all managed in the back-end by our team. We use a world-class industry recognized eCommerce platform to build and manage your company store including secure management of:

  • Shopping carts
  • Customer and employee accounts
  • Payment gateway integration

  • Reporting and sales analyses
  • Payment options (credentials, gift cards, or credit cards)

Customizable Integration

Our online platform is fully customizable to your brand, providing you with an elegant solution for managing the ordering and fulfillment of branded corporate gifts. Just as your website serves your customers, this online store reflects your vision in serving employees, clients, partners, and/or the general public.

Unbeatable Selection

Whether choosing from the remarkable products available on the Clove & Twine website, or specially curated high-quality goods, we create a collection for your store that is unique to your company. Items can be decorated or undecorated with your company logo, ensuring you full control of the branding and product quality that is provided to your clients and partners.

Respect for Your Brand

We provide a 100% white label solution that is based on your company’s website address, allowing your online store to stay consistent with your brand. This allows you to include a “shop” button on your corporate website that ties seamlessly into the company store we provide for you. We protect the existing investment in your brand by building within your standards and guidelines.

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Fulfillment from Start to Finish

We handle all order fulfillment, allowing orders to be completed with ease. We manage everything, including:

  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Product decoration
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • List management
  • Returns
  • Reporting
  • Domestic & international

The top 10 benefits of creating an online company store with Clove & Twine:

  1. Minimize waste by having full control of inventory
  2. Access to the highest quality merchandise at a reasonable cost - utilizing economies of scale
  3. Remove the need to store products or manage shipments
  4. Product choices pre-approved by you that suit your brand
  5. Responsive design that seamlessly transitions from ordering on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device
  6. Expert customer support and store management
  7. Reporting to track sales and analyze supply and demand
  8. Efficiency with easy ordering and branding of products from one location
  9. Simple 24/7 access managed through one platform
  10. An easy way for staff to order corporate gifts online for clients, events and tradeshows, or themselves



We begin with a needs assessment, where we collaborate with you to outline and develop an online company store plan that fits your brand. No more cheesy websites or cheap swag, only the most high-quality and remarkable products and services!

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